Tourist captures moment China’s new glass-bottom walkway cracks

Tourists walking along the new glass walkway at Yuntai Mountain. Photo: Youtube Tourists walking along the new glass walkway at Yuntai Mountain. Photo: Youtube
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A group of Chinese tourists were left terrified after a glass pane on a new transparent walkway shattered suddenly.

One tourist posted images to Chinese social media, claiming she could feel the walkway shake under her feet when the glass broke.

The 68-metre, U-shaped platform – which opened in September – is perched on a cliff  at Yuntai Mountain, and suspended more than 1000 metres above sea-level.

According to the Daily Mail, Chinese authorities have confirmed the incident and closed the attraction for repair works.

A spokesman for the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot confirmed to China’s People Daily Online, that a piece of glass had broken on the walkway.

It is believed to have cracked after a tourist dropped a stainless steel mug on the walkway.

Only one of the three layers of the glass is reported to have cracked, and the spokesman claimed the tourists were never in danger.

The female tourist shared her experience on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo.

The image posted to Weibo apparently showing the glass cracking. Photo: Weibo

She posted images of what appeared to be a cracked piece of glass, with a message summarising what she witnessed.

“[I’ve] just witnessed history. The glass-bottomed walkway on Yuntai Mountain just cracked. When I was about to reach the end [of the passage], I heard a sudden bang and felt a shake under my feet.

“I looked down and saw the glass floor beneath me shattered. [I have] no idea why it happened, at that moment everybody was screaming.

“I yelled out loud “It cracked, it really cracked!”, then pushed the people in front of me to leave. [I was] terrified.’

The Weibo post has since been taken down because she felt it was bringing her “too much attention”,  the Daily Mail reported.


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